Moving online to keep moving: How aged care residents can keep exercising during lockdown

Elderly person holding ball

Published on HelloCare Magazine

At the moment, exercise is just as vital as ever, especially for older people. Early evidence suggests that keeping fit and healthy may improve your resilience against the COVID-19 virus by boosting your overall immune system. But maintaining the same level of health and fitness becomes difficult when your exercise routine has been disrupted, and those who help facilitate it are no longer allowed to visit your home. 

Thankfully, there are options for exercise even when your regular fitness instructor is unavailable. Getting online and accessing a range of live and pre-recorded fitness sessions can help aged care residents to maintain mobility, to recover from illness and injury, and to improve their overall wellbeing. It is also fantastic for mental health, especially when the normal stimulus of visits from family and friends may not be possible.

Why we need to be moving online

Although online exercise classes may not replicate an in-person experience, they are still a great option while fitness instructors are unable to visit aged care centres. Online classes can be live streamed into the rooms or communal areas of aged care homes, allowing participants to recreate the experience of attending a class. Instructors can still offer alternative exercises to cater for residents with particular conditions or musculoskeletal issues.  

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