Design students help to make London suburb Dementia Friendly

Red London Telephone box on a city street

Published on HelloCare Magazine

During this year’s European summer, a cohort of engineering students from around the world participated in TEDI’s Summer School 2020. Their project? Developing new solutions to make Canada Water, an area of south-east London, a dementia friendly community.

What is TEDI?

TEDI, based in London, is an innovative new program of engineering higher education. Its motto is ‘transforming engineering education: transforming lives’ and nowhere is that better encapsulated than in their 2020 Summer School program, focusing on dementia friendly community solutions.

TEDI-London has been developed in partnership with King’s College London, University of New South Wales and Arizona State University. The curriculum at TEDI takes an interdisciplinary approach, including elements of traditional engineering alongside digital, design, and business skills.

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