Advertising agency seeks over 55s for new internship

an old woman using a laptop

Published on HelloCare Magazine

Creative advertising agency Thinkerbell has launched a new internship program for people over 55. Thrive@55 is an eight-week, fully paid program, offering older people in Melbourne and Sydney the opportunity to work across all areas of the agency. In an industry dominated by young people, the internship presents a fantastic opportunity for older people to have their voices heard, and for the company to tap into a wealth of experience and expertise. 

A new type of internship

Thinkerbell is an Australian advertising agency known for their innovative thinking. They have developed Thrive@55 to address the lack of representation of older people in the industry. ‘Our older generation have a lifetime of experience to bring to our agency, and our industry,’ Emma O’Leary, Manager of Culture, Operations and People, says. ‘We want our staff and clients to benefit from people with years of life experience, and vice versa.’

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