Planning a book launch for beginners

Having your book out in the world is the most exciting thing that can happen for an author — and of course you want to share this momentous occasion with family and friends! Here are my top tips for planning an amazing book launch.

Tip 1: Find a great venue

Local bookstores and libraries love to host evening events and will often give you the use of the space at no cost. As an author you should be a regular user of the bookstore or library near you anyway, so approach them first as a bookish venue for your launch.

Tip 2: Make a budget

It can be tempting to go all out on everything from big pull up signage to cupcakes with your book cover on the icing. But remember to be realistic about how much money you can invest in this one event. Choose a couple of things to prioritise (like catering for example) and spend the money you have available on those.

Tip 3: Market your event

Obviously the first step is to invite all your family, friends, and the support people who made your book happen. But it’s great if you can draw a crowd, so advertise your book launch in any writing groups you are a part of, with posters at the venue in the advance of the event, and on your social media channels.

Tip 4: Have plenty of books

You’d be surprised how many launches I’ve attended where they don’t have enough copies of the actual book! Bring along many more than you think you need. This is your first big sales event so you don’t want people going home without having made a purchase! Make sure you think about how they’re buying them too — cash only, or can you arrange to take other forms of payment?

Tip 5: Make it a night to remember!

Depending on the type of book you’re launching, this could involve some speeches from yourself and other important people, a presentation or discussion, or really anything you want! A signing table is also a great idea so people feel they get the special experience of chatting to the author and receiving a signed copy.

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