Marketing your book through events

As an author, you probably already know the value of marketing your book to new audiences through participating in events. Whether through festivals and conferences or events held at your local bookstore or library, in-person events are a great way to find new readers and raise the profile of both yourself as an author, and your new release. But these events can benefit not only the feature author that the event is centred on; other authors can also capitalise on this opportunity to reach a captive audience. How? By hosting the event.

Things I Wish I Knew: On Mentoring

In the past two years my career has changed and developed; my goals have shifted, my expectations have grown. There has been times when students have asked me for mentoring and I’ve felt like a complete fraud offering any advice. How was I supposed to tell them what to do with their lives when I had no clue what I was doing with mine?

Normal People Review

Rooney draws young people beautifully; in early chapters I was constantly reminded of my own later school days and the small dramas which can seem large in the teenage mind. The book alternates between Marianne and Connell’s points of view, sometimes covering the same scenes from each standpoint, and so the reader sees perfectly how they fail to communicate their feelings and how they misunderstand each other.

Microfiction Challenge Day 2 – Electric

It was forty-three days after she came to be that the first spark began.

Nothing more than a flicker; the sort of thing doctors measure to make blanket statements. Alive. Dead.

She was alive. She was nothing more than a cluster of cells, and on the internet people kept comparing her to food stuffs. Small as a pea. Small as a pomegranate seed. As though I were a farmer of specifically minuscule produce and not a pregnant woman.

On Writing Long Hand

This time I’d like to return to longhand. It slows you down and makes you think differently; it forces you more into the character’s head. I hope it will improve the voice in this next project. Of course it will be more laborious: the words have to make it onto the screen at some point. But uni days have made me adept at copying from the page to the keyboard, and this has an advantage in itself; when you’re writing your own words again, you can see them more clearly than reading them over.

There Was Still Love Review

I knew before I began There Was Still Love that it was going to be an emotional read – not just generically emotional, but emotional to me specifically. I’d heard Favel Parrett interviewed on ABC’s Conversations, so I knew that the novel was largely inspired by Parrett’s grandparents and the close bond she had with them as a child.

Cherry Beach Review

Cherry Beach begins with its central characters, Ness and Hetty, arriving in Toronto in a Canadian winter. I read it on one of those May weekends in Melbourne where the mornings are frosty before the day blossoms into warm sunshine, and felt the weather perfectly reflecting the change of seasons in McPhee-Browne’s Toronto.

Types of resumes and how they can work to strengthen your application

We all know the standard resume format: contact details, employment experience, educational experience. But this resume works best for the ‘standard’ job seeker – someone with experience in their chosen industry and with the right qualifications behind them. What if your past doesn’t fit the mould?