The Farm

My short story ‘The Farm’ is included in the ninth collection of The Wire’s Dream Magazine, a publication featuring fiction, poetry, essays, art and photography from creators around the world.
Read an excerpt here.

Brand awareness for debut authors

When it comes to your author social media accounts, it’s worth putting a bit of thought into creating a consistent brand. This means making some decisions around how you want your presence to appear, and sticking to them!

The Headland

My short story ‘The Headland’ is included in the inaugural edition of PENinsula Literary Journal, a journal celebrating writing and landscape photography from the Mornington Peninsula.

The road to race day: Preparing for your first running event

Competing in a race is fantastic: the thrill of being amongst a big group of other runners, the fun of running somewhere you normally wouldn’t be able to, the advantage of being timed in a race environment, and the high of crossing that finish line. But there are a few steps before you can get there.

Planning a book launch for beginners

Having your book out in the world is the most exciting thing that can happen for an author — and of course you want to share this momentous occasion with family and friends! Here are my top tips for planning an amazing book launch.

How to make a ‘set and forget’ comms plan for the holidays

Can my social accounts flourish over the holiday season while I take a break from the hectic year that was 2020? Discover how to develop a ‘set and forget’ comms plan that will seamlessly run over the course of the Christmas and New Year season, designed to free up your time and give you the rest you deserve.

What social media platforms do new authors need to be using?

Social media can be an amazing resource for writers, but it can also seem a bit daunting. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I go viral for the wrong reason? And what if I just annoy my family and friends with MORE book photos? Here are some tips to work out what is best for you.

woman working on a laptop

On Writing “Boring Stuff”

I work in communications, which essentially means working to make written content better for people who aren’t experts in doing so. It’s good work, diverse and challenging, and I enjoy it. It allows me to dive into different companies and organisations, to learn a lot about a topic I don’t know anything about, and to explain that topic to different types of audiences. But, of course, some of these topics are… well, boring.

A guide to marketing your debut novel

So many authors toil for years on a manuscript and it’s incredibly gratifying to finally secure an agent or publisher. And many authors feel like when they have these people advocating for their novel, their work is over. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. But there’s now more ways than ever that authors can take charge of their own marketing campaigns.


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