What social media platforms do new authors need to be using?

Social media can be an amazing resource for writers, but it can also seem a bit daunting. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I go viral for the wrong reason? And what if I just annoy my family and friends with MORE book photos? Here are some tips to work out what is best for you.

On Writing “Boring Stuff”

I work in communications, which essentially means working to make written content better for people who aren’t experts in doing so. It’s good work, diverse and challenging, and I enjoy it. It allows me to dive into different companies and organisations, to learn a lot about a topic I don’t know anything about, and to explain that topic to different types of audiences. But, of course, some of these topics are… well, boring.

I gave up a secure job and a good salary to pursue a dream. I don’t regret it.

I quit my sales job, leaving my great salary, car allowance and yearly bonus behind. I didn’t have a new full-time role to go to. I knew I wasn’t going to be making as much money or have any of the perks of my old role. But I also knew I would be doing things I liked during my work day, and for me, that was worth more.

Things I Wish I Knew: On Mentoring

In the past two years my career has changed and developed; my goals have shifted, my expectations have grown. There has been times when students have asked me for mentoring and I’ve felt like a complete fraud offering any advice. How was I supposed to tell them what to do with their lives when I had no clue what I was doing with mine?

On Writing Long Hand

This time I’d like to return to longhand. It slows you down and makes you think differently; it forces you more into the character’s head. I hope it will improve the voice in this next project. Of course it will be more laborious: the words have to make it onto the screen at some point. But uni days have made me adept at copying from the page to the keyboard, and this has an advantage in itself; when you’re writing your own words again, you can see them more clearly than reading them over.

Types of resumes and how they can work to strengthen your application

We all know the standard resume format: contact details, employment experience, educational experience. But this resume works best for the ‘standard’ job seeker – someone with experience in their chosen industry and with the right qualifications behind them. What if your past doesn’t fit the mould?