Communications and Business

I am a communications advisor for Giraffe Consulting and a regular contributor to the Giraffe blog. I have also written and ghostwritten for company leaders on business websites and blogs.

man standing on edge of cliff
BizWitty Business Blog 2020
Start a business in 2020 by harnessing opportunities during a global pandemic
phone featuring social media icons
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Why your business needs a social media manual
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Strategies for success: how do great leaders start the day?
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Is it time to rethink your communications plan?
Smart Company Australia 2020
How tapping into your team’s networks and work history can build a diverse client base
women frowning over laptop, with cup of tea and notebook
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Direct email marketing laws and how they affect your business
Giraffe Consulting 2020
How to make a ‘set and forget’ comms plan for the holidays
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Swapping screens for headphones during COVID-19
an old woman using a laptop
HelloCare Magazine 2020
Advertising agency seeks over 55s for new internship
Giraffe Consulting 2020
How print media is changing in 2020
man filming
Giraffe Consulting 2020
Film quality business updates from home

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