Book Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing is a poetic debut novel set in the mid-century, following the story of Kya Clark. She is the ‘Marsh Girl’, living as a hermit on the fringes of society, and faced with hostility from the people of the town. When the town’s golden boy Chase Andrews is found dead, Kya’s isolated existence is threatened by local suspicion.

The Dutch House Review

The Dutch House is another of Ann Patchett’s lifetime novels, following Danny Conroy from childhood to adulthood. The main event happens early on – Danny’s father remarries and then dies, and step-mother Andrea ejects Danny and sister Maeve from their spectacular family home. The plot line may appear a fairy tale, but the realism ofContinue reading “The Dutch House Review”

Commonwealth Review

I love a sweeping novel, and Commonwealth takes us from the christening of Franny Keating to her middle age, dipping into the lives of her parents, step-parents and step-siblings along the way. While a lot of time is covered, Patchett doesn’t get bogged down explaining how characters reach points in life, putting faith in theContinue reading “Commonwealth Review”