Aged care residents become literary editors

older women reading on a tablet

Published on HelloCare Magazine

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for aged care residents, who have found themselves cut off from family and friends in an increasingly stressful and uncertain situation. Even the simple pleasures of reading a good book have been taken away, as communal books have been removed from aged care homes and local libraries closed for borrowing.  

But a new program seeks to provide aged care residents with reading material, and the added stimulation of providing feedback to the writers. Pages for Wisdom pairs residents in aged care facilities with new and established writers, offering the opportunity for residents to provide feedback on works in progress.

The idea behind the program

Pages for Wisdom was founded by Chelsea Dynan, a psychologist with experience working as a palliative care counsellor. Currently on maternity leave with her second daughter, Mrs Dynan has been writing and reflecting on her experiences with palliative patients. ‘I found myself reflecting on the frailty of our aged community and how one person can have such a substantial impact,’ she says. 

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