How to build your author brand through online events

Article published September 2021 on Writers Weekly

As many fiction writers know, book sales make up only a portion of a writer’s income. Festivals, conferences, and library appearances are valuable tools for additional revenue, and to promote titles. However, lockdowns and restrictions have made these writers’ events more challenging. Many writers are unable to fly around the country to go to the usual calendar of large-scale occasions, and localized events have been postponed or cancelled.

Running your own event online can offer the same advantages of appearing at live events, with the added bonus of reaching a wider audience, and connecting with your readers without the need to travel. Additionally, online events are often preferred by people with busy work lives or family schedules, who can more easily fit a virtual talk or workshop into their day.

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One thought on “How to build your author brand through online events

  1. What a great post, Emma. I should look into hosting online events as well. Not really my forte, but we have to adapt to these changing times, am I right? I’m learning more and more that being a writer doesn’t involve only writing, lol. Thanks for sharing!


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